Contemporary spice


There are three in my contemporary spiced stand alone.




Everywhere else

Ditched at the alter

Honeymooning by herself

Is this Ashlynn’s honeymoon of a life time?

And now she is forced to share her exotic bungalow with a stranger. And all she has in her suite case is lingerie.

Jaron’s rich, arrogant, infuriating and irresistibly delectable. He also happens to be too busy with his empire to worry about love. Perfect. They should be able to ignore each other enough for her to get through her honeymoon.

Will Ashlynn survive the next two weeks with her sanity and clothing intact?







Everywhere else


Three weeks to succeed

Strangers snowed in

How long will it take for sparks to fly?

Ava has three weeks to capture the gray wolf on film. But she wasn’t expecting a blizzard to snow her in. Nor was she expecting to be trapped with sexy, rugged, mountain man, Rafe.

Things look cozy until another stranger arrives. Then Ava’s plans really hit the skids.


Dangerous Love is on its way