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Ashlynn refuses to allow being ditched at the alter from ruining her honeymoon. She turns up at the Resort Royale in Bali minus a husband but determined to enjoy herself. To her surprise she discovers a man in her ultra deluxe villa. A very sexy man at that.

Jaron, owner and CEO of a billion dollar tech company, in Bali for a conference, claims the room is his. With no vacancies left the two are forced to share. Ashlynn agrees on the condition that Jaron keeps to his side of the bed.

Forced together in close proximity it doesn’t take long before desire flares. Falling into the arms of a sexy stranger is not Ashlynn’s idea of a honeymoon.

The only thing that could make this holiday complete is Jaron’s love.

But would a confirmed bachelor be willing to abandon his single life and pursue more than a holiday romance?

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Ava arrives from Australia with two weeks to capture the gray wolf on film for her latest calendar. She hires rugged mountain man Rafe, to help her achieve her goal. While his skills at tracking, she is assured, are unrivaled, his charm leaves a lot to be desired.

Shortly after they arrive, a blizzard hits leaving the two snowed in. Ava can’t believe her misfortunate until Rafe reveals a far more interesting side to his personality, and a far better view to feast upon from the constant white outside.

Everything looks cozy for them both until a stranger appears out of the snow, needing shelter, and everything begins to unravel.