Running on empty

Don’t do it. I have and it doesn’t work. Just lately, I’ve been burning the candles at both ends. My oldest is soon heading over east to partake in the junior road tour (that’s cycling if you didn’t get it) and I’ve been helping him with his training most nights of the week.

My other two are busy running their social lives and extra curricula activities which involves mum doing all the ferrying. Some days I’m driving from one event to the other successively.

Then there’s my husband deserting me on business trips at the most inappropriate moments and leaving me with a list of things that need doing.

And of course there’s my precious writing, which these days is being squashed around everything else. I’m even squeezing words down on back of receipts because I left the house unorganized and my notebook isn’t in my bag.

My kids won’t let me forget lunches and dinners, but the house cleaning is out the window, until I get complaints that no one can find any clean clothes to wear.

I’m now at the point of sitting up in bed with the computer on my lap my fingers tapping away as I slide sides and fall asleep.

It all sounds like first world problems I know. But it’s not the way to run your life. Time for a shake up and a schedule. I need to prioritize, get tough and get some sleep. Or…go on a holiday and leave everyone behind.



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