The hidden you inside

I was on the phone to my sister the other night. It was her birthday and of course I’d rung to wish her a happy birthday. I made the usual remark of getting older and she told me she wasn’t afraid of aging. In fact she found she was moving into the best years of her life.

My sister’s journey hasn’t been easy. Her marriage was tough and at times looked like it would fail, with alcoholism and attempted sucide being part of the mix. She has three boys, one with severe physical disabilities and one with severe learning disabilities.

Rather than fall in a heap she picked herself up and kept going. These days she has an MA in management and business, runs her own business on the side and also happens to be a Reiki master. A couple of years ago she started on a journey of self-discovery. She found herself a great group of women following the same calling and a great teacher.

It’s no wonder she is enjoying where age has found her. But the thing that surprised me was her saying that she now felt a powerful woman. When things were going really bad for her all those years ago—at one point her middle child was in hospital having life threatening surgery, her husband threaten suicide, her eldest was failing school and getting into trouble and she was trying to run a business—I thought she was a powerful woman. She held the family together and kept going.

My sister alone organized all the specialist appointments, ran her children to all their sporting events, held conferences with all the teachers, organized her staff and ran the business and stood beside her husband through the most difficult years of his life. She never took drugs, alcohol or medication to get her through. She verged on a nervous break down at times, but she still kept going.

So how could she not think she was powerful back then? She was the strongest woman I knew.

I believe the answer can be found at the foot of all the lies we tell ourselves thinking it’s the truth. At some point in childhood many people stop seeing their potential and see only what falsities they’re told. My sister hasn’t developed into this amazing person through age. She was always this amazing person, she just didn’t see it.

My greatest wish is that everyone would see their true selves. Would realize that they hold the greatest potential right now in their lives, not some time in the future when the bad has passed. Everything you need is inside already. It’s not that the people doing better in life are better people, it’s just that they have a greater belief in themselves.

Life is not always easy, and that’s okay. But if you belief in you then life will be a whole lot better.

Its time to give all those judgements a shake up and see them for what they are, hollow voices that mean nothing.




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