Strolling the streets of Paris


I’m taking a cruise through the Montmartre district of Paris, known for its bohemian life style and artist’s market.

I’m not physically there, simply reliving the footsteps I took years ago. My husband and I stayed in the 7th arrondissement of Paris known as the heart of Paris and thought of as a quintessentially Parisian neighborhood. It was a short hop to Champ de Mars and the Effiel Tower and a not too arduous hike across river to the Arc de Triomphe and all the fabulous eateries that line the des Champs-Elysées.

Why am I strolling down memory lane? I’ve decided my new novel will be set in Paris. More specifically the wonderful district of Montmartre surrounded by an air of laissez-faire.


Our kids slid down smooth cement slops next to the steps of the Basilica. We attended a service, descended into the crypt, peeked over a fence and watched a group of retired men having a garden game of pétanque, had our portrait drawn at the artists market, and watched a commercial shoot.

I’m filled with fond memories and can’t wait to share my experiences of the magical region in my release due out in May.




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